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Certified Dragontree Illuminator Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Anne Bauer –

As a wife, mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, I love helping people find balance and flow in their lives as we work together to achieve their goals!

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Wendy Jones – Life1Point0

Wendy is a life coach specializing in working with caretakers, women, and those in transition (e.g., those trying to regain their footing after a change in marital status, those embarking on a new career, and those looking to create the next chapter of their lives). Sessions are held by phone or videochat. Small group workshops arranged by request.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Lia Smith – The Owl and the Arrow

I wish to connect with the world by sharing gifts from the Universe with individuals through gentle consistent guidance. I want to help you heal old wounds and stop so that you can create your truth and purpose on this life’s path. I chose the name The Owl and the Arrow to represent what I believe to be the two main ingredients in creating peace and happiness. Love and light. šŸ’œ

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Kerri Tran

Iā€™m excited to be on a path to explore your future with you.

Certified Dragontree Illuminator

Teresa Grafals Kroger – 2LittleBirds

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