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Connecting Your Heart To Your Career

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Learn techniques to ensure that you’re living your fullest and sharing your gifts in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling, and how to implement them in your personal relationships, daily life and career.

Thank you Briana…The joy of being on the planet and living conscience lives connecting our energies and knowing we are each out there being a difference. Taking care of ourselves, deepening our connection to the self. feeling free, having fun and being creative.” – Ana

“Briana, I am so thankful for this opportunity arising at this critical moment in my life. I thank the universe for the alignment of my true compass that pointed me towards this experience AND truly appreciate everyone person here who made this possible through their participation. We did this work together and we are magic.” – Catherine

“Briana’s capacity to see, work with and lovingly shift your energy — i.e. the system underlying everything you are feeling and experiencing— is truly remarkable. Not to mention breathtakingly efficient. Time spent with her brings me distinct clarity in a way few things can.” – Ginny