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Dragontree Life Coaching

Serve your community with depth and heart

The World Needs You

It needs your presence, compassion, and soul. You know that you can make a real difference.  If you’re inspired by a passion to help, to heal, to empower, and guide others to live a life they love…

We’ve created The Dragontree Coaching program for you.

We’re here to help you turn that calling into a successful career where you can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every day. We’ve been at this work for years and it’s proven to be profound and effective.

The depth and breadth of what we cover is truly transformative, both for your own life and the lives you’ll touch as a Dragontree Life Coach.

We know how to transition clients from where they are to where they want to be—in all facets of their lives—including health, relationships, and life goals. We’ve poured countless hours, a lot of experience, and a ton of love into the Dragontree Life Coaching curriculum because we’re committed to delivering the best coaching program available.

What is Dragontree Life Coaching?

As a Dragontree Life Coach, you will learn powerful skills to guide your clients through an enriching personal growth process, assess their challenges and obstacles to that growth, clear the baggage so they can find true freedom, help them create greater balance in their lives, and show them how to bring their vision into reality.

It’s a complete holistic approach to guide people to access their potential and enact their dreams.

When you graduate from our intensive program, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to be a successful professional coach and advocate in the world. You’ll know how to create a thriving coaching practice with ease and grace. Your success means creating a significant income that helps you live a life you love and coaching others to do the same.

How is this program structured?

The Dragontree Life Coaching Program includes over 130 hours of training, including:

  • Sacred Expansion (30 hours)
  • The Dragontree Life Coaching Course (30 hours of instruction, plus approximately 50 hours of practical work, quizzes, and tests)
  • Dreaming and Planning Course (Included with your enrollment – 10 hours)
  • The Well Life audio book (10 hours)
  • Your curriculum also includes two hour-long sessions with an Illuminator coach – to see and understand what coaching is like, and work through any of your own blocks or issues. And we include these sessions at no extra cost to you!
This is a self-study course – so your pace is your own! You begin your studies with a cohort of like-minded students just like you – seeking greater clarity, more freedom, and training in a career doing what they love.

But if you get behind, that’s okay. You’ll have access to the training for life – and can graduate from the program whenever YOU are ready, whether that’s with your cohort, or a year later. You’ll be able to access your lessons in your member portal on any device, whenever you need to, from wherever you have an internet connection.

You’ll also be part of a supportive Facebook community of fellow coaches in training that you’ll be learning alongside. There, you’ll be able to ask questions of your fellow coaches, support one another, form study groups, and more.

Course Schedule
Weeks 1 – 8
The program begins with Sacred Expansion, an 8-week personal development course, which guides you through your own process of deep self-inquiry that’ll prepare you to better serve and guide your clients.

Weeks 9 – 20
Next, the Coaching Course begins. You’ll receive over 31 hours of video lessons and demonstrations, and bi-weekly live “office-hours” Q&A calls, organized into 18 modules over 12 weeks (with a week-long break in the middle). Each module consists of several video lessons, a quiz, a Module Test, and homework assignments designed to give you real practice in the course concepts.

click here to view a complete syllabus.

What Is Sacred Expansion? Is it required?

The first part of the Well Life Coaching Program is Sacred Expansion which guides you through your own process of deep self-inquiry that’ll prepare you to better serve and guide your clients.

Sacred Expansion is an 8 week guided experience in clearing the way to your best you. More than a course, Sacred Expansion is designed to help you:

  • Recognize and separate your intrinsic self from your fragile ego identities
  • Notice, question, and understand the negative thoughts and feelings that bring us and others down
  • Release anything and everything that isn’t serving your highest self
  • Understand feelings of constriction, and turn them into expansion

We want to lead our Well Life Coaches to a deeper sense of connection, peace, and possibility first, and then teach them how to guide their clients towards their highest potential too. We know that peace first starts within ourselves and then expands outwards with every person we influence. We think that this is such important work that we provide it as a stand-alone course anyone can sign up for here.

What's do we Cover in the Coaching Program?

Module 1 –   Overarching Philosophy
Module 2 –   Natural World as Teacher
Module 3 –   Assessment & Plan
Module 4 –   [Interventions] The 6 Domains of Life
Module 5 –   [Interventions] Virtue, Integrity, and Confidence
Module 6 –   [Interventions] Values, Gifts, and Purpose
Module 7 –   [Interventions] Balance, Self Care, and Relationships
Module 8 –   [Interventions] The Five Phases
Module 9 –   [Interventions] The Darker Side of Light
Module 10 – [Interventions] Releasing Resistance, Baggage and Blockages
Module 11 – [Interventions] Effective Humaning
Module 12 – [Interventions] And Beyond
Module 13 – Holding Space for True Alignment
Module 14 – Listening as a Sacred Act
Module 15 – Engaging
Module 16 – Perspective and Attunement
Module 17 – Ethical Coaching
Module 18 – Groups and Workshops

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking to bring their purpose to their work (or start fresh in a new career)

Anyone looking to bring their purpose to their work (or start fresh in a new career)

With this program you can go from having NO experience with coaching (none, nada, zilch!), to being completely ready to open a coaching business and start seeing clients of your own, on your terms, on your schedule, in under 6 months. We include the know-how you’ll need to set up and market your new business and start earning a flexible income stream you can take anywhere.

Are you ready to have a career that supports the kind of balance, freedom, and meaning you want in your life? Join us, and serve your community..

Wellness Practitioners looking to work from home and stabilize their income

Wellness Practitioners looking to work from home and stabilize their income

If you want to add an element of whole life wellness to your practice, this program is for you. You’ll learn how to help your patients set goals and achieve them, figure out their purpose in life and allow it to inform everything they do, discover their gifts, and remove the blockages that hold them back from living a life of happiness, meaning, and freedom.

You’ll be able to offer services your clients need and want, add to your marketable skills, AND be serving in new and meaningful ways you never imagined possible.

Established Coaches who want to make more money, and a bigger impact

Established Coaches who want to make more money, and a bigger impact

Be the light, see the light, hold the light. Remember the core tenets of your coaching training by remembering how to see your own and get back to helping people with a fresh energy that you, and your clients, will really feel.

Dragontree Life Coaching brings a new level of mindfulness, heart, and soul-led living into the coaching relationship. Not only will you learn how to clear away the layers obscuring your full potential to serve and create, you’ll gain tools and techniques for helping your clients shine a light on what’s blocking their way to being truly empowered and free. 

But this course is not for everyone

This program may not be for you if you are looking for one on one mentorship or attention. The Dragontree Life Coaching Program is a community learning program. We’ve designed the course so that you learn the materials through discussion and interaction with other Dragontree Life Coaching Students. While we are available to answer your questions, we believe that the greatest benefit comes from the discoveries you make yourself.
This program may not be for you if you are someone who struggles greatly with today’s online technology. This course is delivered online utilizing a private member portal, and private Facebook group and video conference calls through Zoom. Because we are not able to provide technical support for platforms we don’t control, we ask that you evaluate your comfort level with these technologies before you decide to enroll in the course.
This program may not be for you if you find yourself blaming others for your challenges regularly. The Dragontree Life Coaching Program is built on a foundation of doing your own work so that you can be fully present to do this work for others. During this course, you will encounter challenges, and it’s important that you are committed to accepting those challenges and working through them, as part of your expansion into a truly empowered coach.
This program may not be for you if you aren’t ready to be a committed student. This is your journey. We’re here to support, guide, and encourage you, but ultimately you are responsible for your own success. Just like a university class, the responsibility to show up and do the work is yours. If you don’t ‘attend’, we’re not going to show up and drag you back to class – but we’ll always be here to welcome you back and provide support if you fall behind.

There is another enormously valuable training we’re gifting you with this program…

We’ll teach you how to build your business

Briana has received and provided thousands of hours of professional business coaching. She’s seen it all and done it all. (You can read more about her story as an entrepreneur here.) You can learn from her hard-earned lessons to get the best possible start to your coaching career.

The Dragontree Coaching Business School covers:

  • How to effectively market your business to bring in new clients.
  • How to run a business that’s actually profitable.
  • Business logistics that will save you time and money.
  • The essentials of good branding.
  • How to retain clients and turn them into raving fans.
  • Nuts and bolts numbers you don’t want to overlook.

You can read an in-depth breakdown of the modules and lessons contained in this program by clicking here.

And, once you complete your training, we’ll create a listing for you in our exclusive Dragontree Coaches’ directory with your bio, photo, information about your practice, and your contact information.

3 days after completing my training I had an appointment with a client who sees me for skin care treatments once every 3 or 4 months. She had a lot on her mind and was feeling really overwhelmed and conflicted with a big decision coming up that had her tied up in a big ball of stress. I asked if she’d be interested in letting me share some of my recent training with her to see if we could unwind her challenge together and she was willing to try. I tuned in and allowed my heart to guide what was needed. I used the processes and tools from the training that seemed the most relevant and I just “walked” alongside her as she found her way through the tangles. Afterwards she texted me and said she can’t remember the last time she felt so good and so clear. She asked to sign up for another WCoaching session for the following week! I feel so encouraged and excited to have this work to offer in my own practice and to see what the future holds working with the non-profit. I had been feeling stagnant and limited in the kind of results I could help my clients achieve. My new skills as a Well Life Coach has already enhanced the quality and depth of healing and support that I can offer. I’m so grateful that I chose to do it.
Heather Wade Mills

Dragontree Illuminator

We’re With you

We’re Briana and Dr. Peter Borten, the creators of courses and tools that over 75,000 people have used to create the life of their dreams. We have thousands of hours of professional training in how to work with clients one-on-one and over 3 decades of joint clinical experience. 

We know how to help you establish a thriving career because we’re successful practitioners, too. We’re on your team, and we can’t wait to help you grow and thrive.

Coaches-in-training can ask questions and get feedback from Briana and Peter, as well as from our Dragontree Illuminators, in a private Facebook group we’ve created to facilitate this journey. We’ve done this work ourselves, and now we’re here to support you as you gain mastery of materials and begin guiding your own clients guide to live a life they love.

Important Dates & Deadlines

April 23: Last day to enroll in Dragontree Sacred Expansion

April 26th: Sacred Expansion Begins with a live call for all members. Dragontree Coaches and Illuminators can also begin the Dreaming and Planning Course.

May 26th:Cancellation and refund deadline.
June 21st: Dragontree Life Coaching Program begins
September 20th: Dragontree Life Coaching Program concludes
TBD:: Dragontree Illuminator Retreat Begins in Boulder, CO in Fall 2021. Dates will determined based on the current public health situation.

How much does Dragontree Life Coaching training cost?

Enrollment in the Dragontree Life Coaching Program requires a contribution of $2,597.  Yes, we do offer payment plans (available in your cart at checkout) with payments as low as $260 a month!

enroll today and collect these bonuses

Instant Bonuses

  • The Dragontree Guided Meditation Collection
  • Rituals For Living Dreambook+Planner PDF

Completion Bonuses

  • Upon completion of the Dragontree Life Coaching Program, we’ll unlock the Dragontree Business Training (Normally $1997) so you can incorporated everything that we’ve learned over the years of practice to grow your coaching business!
  • A listing in The Dragontree Life Coaching Directory
  • Dragontree Life Coaching Business card templates
  • A Dragontree Life Coach Badge to display on your website

Become a dragontree Life Coach

Enrollment Closes in








This is your chance to create a career you’ll love that aligns with your gifts, your values, and your purpose. You can do this now, you don’t have to wait to know it all, to have read more books, or feel like you have it perfectly together. You already have so much within you waiting to be of service in the world, and the world is ready for you to bring your unique expression of love.

Our happiness guarantee:  We care about your experience and your success, so if you participate fully and determine that this program isn’t for you before the May 26th cancellation deadline, we will return your money in full. 


The Dragontree Illuminator Program
Do you want to take your Dragontree Life Coaching business to the next level of impact and influence?

The Illuminator Program includes all of the training from the Dragontree LIfe Coaching program, plus an additional in-person retreat with BRiana and Peter at their gathering space in Boulder, COlorado.

  • Additional training occurs this fall during a 4-day weekend retreat with Briana and Peter at their gathering space in Boulder, Colorado (dates TBD based on the current public health situation). You’ll take a deep dive into strengthening your coaching skills, expanding your understanding of the processes and tools learned in the coaching program, and learning how to develop and use a deep connection to universal energy for powerful healing and growth.
  • Case supervision, evaluation and feedback for your first two clients after completion of the Coaching program.
  • Private access to a dedicated Facebook group and information portal  for our Illuminators-in-Training.
  • Your own copy of The Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner, and a package of Dragontree Intention Paper. 
Work with The Dragontree & The Well Life Foundation
In addition to the in-person experience and practice The Illuminator program offers, you’ll also be trained in leading workshops and groups. This is immensely valuable to your own coaching business, and prepares you, if you choose to apply, to volunteer with The Well Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides free group coaching & scholarships to women in the midst of challenging life transitions. In fact, all profits from the sale of this program will be donated to The Well Life Foundation, directly benefiting women who need it most. 

Once you’ve completed Illuminator training you’ll be eligible to apply to work with The Well Life Foundation, and with The Dragontree, as we connect existing clients in search of coaches with trained Illuminators.

Become an Illuminator

Enrollment Closes in








Make what you love what you do every day. Empower people to live their best lives and be free of the limiting beliefs and baggage that are obscuring their light (while doing the same for yourself).This is powerful work that is so needed. Don’t wait any longer to start being the light and the guide that you are.Will you listen to that calling within you, and join us in this work that is so needed in the world?

Our happiness guarantee:  We care about your experience and your success, so if you participate fully and aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days, we’ll return your money in full.

The deadline to cancel attendance at Illuminator Training is July 1st. After that you may be able to defer until the next session, but refunds will not be available. 



A Dragontree Life Coach is a guide and advocate who lights the way for their clients to find their own wisdom, inner knowing and truth. The skills, processes and perspectives a Dragontree Life Coach utilizes are all to help walk alongside their client to help them see and clear the obstacles blocking their way, recognize their gifts and soul’s purpose, and bring their potential into action in their daily lives.  If you have questions about becoming a Dragontree Life Coach please email us using the form below, or see if your question has been answered in the FAQ.