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Enrichment courses for your life coaching practice

Individual Coaching Enrichment courses

We’re here to help you turn that calling into a successful career where you can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every day. But it takes more than just being a talented life coach. You have to be a manger, marketer, accountant, and entrepreneur. We know. We’ve been at this work for years and now you can learn from us through the Dragontree Business School or Enrichment Training courses. We’ll give you the tools you need to go from zero to running a successful coaching business in a matter of months-not years.

These classes are all from our Dragontree Tree Life Coaching program, and if you decide you’d like to join our life coaching program, your fees for these classes will be credited toward the Dragontree Life Coaching tuition.

Five Element Coaching

This course is made up of from two modules from the Dragontree Life Coaching Program. You get 14 of our most popular and transformative lessons. 

The images and metaphors of the natural elements live within all of us. They’re a wellspring of wisdom any of us can tap into. The world around us is profoundly more alive and instructive than we tend to recognize. In this course, Dr. Peter Borten explains how to help clients remember their connection to the natural world, and how restoring this relationship promotes healing. You’ll learn to guide clients through modern problems using the ancient language of nature that’s in our DNA. 



Coaching Skills for Clearing Resistance and Blocks

This course is from Dragontree Life Coaching Program.  You’ll get 5 insigtful lessons. 

When desire doesn’t translate to achievement, the cause is often some form of inner resistance or blockage.

In combination with our aspirations we may also harbor hidden desires to stay safe, avoid discomfort, or keep things the way they are. These blocks are the source of tremendous frustration, especially when we can’t track them down or understand why we would obstruct our own happiness. In this course, you’ll learn several powerful strategies for helping clients discover and release the hidden resistance and blocks that are working against them.


Who is this program for?

The Ambitious Beginnner

The Ambitious Beginnner

Called To Service

With this program you can go from having NO experience with coaching (none, nada, zilch!), to being completely ready to open a coaching business and start seeing clients of your own, on your terms, on your schedule, in under 6 months. We include the know-how you’ll need to set up and market your new business and start earning a flexible income stream you can take anywhere.

Are you ready to have a career that supports the kind of balance, freedom, and meaning you want in your life? Join us, and serve your community..

Wellness Practitioners

Wellness Practitioners

Ready to take their work to the next level

If you want to add an element of whole life wellness to your practice, this program is for you. You’ll learn how to help your patients set goals and achieve them, figure out their purpose in life and allow it to inform everything they do, discover their gifts, and remove the blockages that hold them back from living a life of happiness, meaning, and freedom.

You’ll be able to offer services your clients need and want, add to your marketable skills, AND be serving in new and meaningful ways you never imagined possible.

Established Coaches

Established Coaches

Who want to make a bigger impact

Be the light, see the light, hold the light. Remember the core tenets of your coaching training by remembering how to see your own and get back to helping people with a fresh energy that you, and your clients, will really feel.

Dragontree Life Coaching brings a new level of mindfulness, heart, and soul-led living into the coaching relationship. Not only will you learn how to clear away the layers obscuring your full potential to serve and create, you’ll gain tools and techniques for helping your clients shine a light on what’s blocking their way to being truly empowered and free. 

We’re With you

We’re Briana and Dr. Peter Borten, the creators of courses and tools that over 75,000 people have used to create the life of their dreams. We have thousands of hours of professional training in how to work with clients one-on-one and over 3 decades of joint clinical experience. 

We know how to help you establish a thriving career because we’re successful practitioners, too. We’re on your team, and we can’t wait to help you grow and thrive.

Coaches-in-training can ask questions and get feedback from Briana and Peter, as well as from our Dragontree Illuminators, in a private Facebook group we’ve created to facilitate this journey. We’ve done this work ourselves, and now we’re here to support you as you gain mastery of materials and begin guiding your own clients guide to live a life they love.