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Life can be rough. 

Challenges and transitions are inevitable…. births, deaths, career changes, relationships changing, closing old chapters in your life and embracing new ones. It can be painful and disorienting as you let go of what you knew and step into the unknown.

Are you feeling stuck? Unclear? Overwhelmed? Anxious?
Are there patterns and challenges that you’d love to finally put behind you?
Do you have trouble knowing what you really want out of this life?
Do you feel like you’ll never successfully create the change you desire?
Are you beating yourself up for falling short of what you know you’re capable of?

We get it. Rewiring old beliefs, habits, and energetic patterns that’ve been around for years (sometimes a lifetime) requires awareness, skills, perspective, and support. It’s not always obvious, but it is figureoutable.

And you don’t have to do it alone. 

During the current public health crisis, we’re offering free, no obligation, introductory sessions with a Dragontree Life Coach to help discover if Dragontree Life Coaching can help you navigate this transitional time.

During the current health crisis, we’re offering free, introductory sessions with a Dragontree Life Coach to See if Dragontree LIfe Coaching is right for you, and to help empower you as you navigate this transitional time.

Our holistic approach to coaching is about inspiring real transformation and empowerment in all areas of life. 

Together we’ll:

  • Clarify your vision for what you most want for your life
  • Identify what’s supporting that vision and what’s impeding it
  • And, set you up with the skills and confidence to bring your potential into action in your daily life. 

You’ll arrive at insights, epiphanies, and a deeper level of awareness that’ll create a whole new level of freedom and expansion.  

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

That lack of clarity, persistent anxiousness, analysis paralysis and overwhelm you’ve been up against won’t be shifted by the thinking that got you there in the first place! 

There are faster, better, more effective, and powerful ways to create the change you desire. The work we’ll do together will give you the resources to navigate life’s transitions with more ease and skill.

You living your truth and shining your light will inspire others to do the same. Your healing, growth, and self actualization is for the betterment of everyone. It’s an investment that yields immeasurable returns for you and all the lives you’ll touch.  

If not now, when?
Each and every day of your life is a precious opportunity to be fully expressed, free, and a conduit for the absolute potential that wants to flow through you. It’s time. Now.
We’re ready and excited to give you the support you’ve been needing.

My Illuminator, Heather Wade, creates the kind of healing, beautiful space that allows your light to shine so brightly you can finally see everything as it really is. It is so amazingly helpful to have her guide you toward your truest self, asking all the questions that you wouldn’t have thought to ask, but then are so glad you did. Working with Heather is such a game changing experience, one that truly transforms you into the person you most want to be.
Kim Pendleton, PhD

Imagine living your life

  • Feeling equipped to handle life’s challenges with grace, skills, and confidence.
  • Managing overwhelm, procrastination, shame, perfectionism, and anxiety so they stop halting your momentum.
  • Having a clear map and action plan to manifest your goals and dreams.
  • Creating a strong foundation for vibrant ageing and longevity.
  • Being able to successfully work through limiting beliefs and old patterns as they arise.
  • Connecting and strengthening your direct line to your highest wisdom, clarity, and purpose


We’re here for you

First, we listen.

No one else can tell you what’s best for you, which way to go, or which dream to pursue. You have all the answers within you and your heart is always pointing you towards the next right step on your path. Sometimes it’s hard to hear that quiet voice with all the noise of your busy, stressed brain hogging all your attention and energy.  

Together we’ll clarify your areas of focus, primary challenges, and vision for your ideal outcomes. Your coach will keep this close at hand and hold the big picture for you throughout your work together. 

Then, we illuminate.  

When you find yourself feeling stuck, unclear, lost, submitting to that nasty inner critic who tells you who you can’t be and what you can’t do, feeling restless and in need of a shift but unsure and scared of what it is or how to do it… sometimes you just need someone to help shine a light on the path that’s unfolding right in front of you. Your path can only be discovered with perspective, clearing the self-limiting beliefs, and seeing the potential that’s inside you ready to step into the light.

Our coaches have a wide variety of tools and training to help you clear the blockages and elicit your inner wisdom. We’ll help you get into direct awareness of what’s been getting in your way and align you with your purpose, truth, and dreams. 

Last, we level up.  

 Once your vision for what you most want for your life is clarified, we’ll identify what’s supporting that vision and what’s impeding it, and set you up with the skills, foundation, resources and confidence to bring your potential into action in your daily life and sustain it. 

Together we’ll create a plan that will feel exciting and inspiring to implement. Your pace and inner wisdom will guide the way, and your coach will hold you accountable to the vision you’re creating for yourself. 

Each session will:
– Help you shift and grow, moving you closer to your desired outcome.
– Give you the support you need to make sustainable changes
– Offer the skills and encouragement to continue to course correct and level up every year and with every transition. 

Your entire experience will be customized for you! The growth, tools, and skills you’ll gain in this process will live within you and support you for the rest of your life

A Dragontree Illuminator will guide you to…

connect with love

Connect with your heart and give birth to creativity, inspiration and openness.

perfect alignment

Build trust in your knowledge and achieve alignment with the universe and your desires.

greater peace

Feel at peace and accept yourself  — your strengths and your weaknesses — wholly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coaching in person? Do I have to be in Portland or Boulder?

No. Dragontree Coaching is usually done over the phone, or via video conference. You can schedule with our Dragontree Illuminators from anywhere in the world.


What will my first session be like?

Dragontree Life Coaching is all about YOU, the client. We’ll begin with an in-depth intake form – so we don’t need to spend time walking through the basics. They will know as much about your life, challenges, goals, and current progress as possible. After that, you decide. Do you want to make a plan to get a new job? Work on your relationships? Work through behavior patterns that keep you from achieving your goals? You’ll spend an hour diving into anything and everything that’s holding you back. Your coach will guide you through exercises and techniques that will lead you to your highest unfolding, holding space in every moment for the truth of who you are, and what you can achieve, to emerge. Whatever is it, your Dragontree Illuminator is holding space for you, to guide you towards greater peace, more love, more light, and perfect alignment.

What training do Illuminators receive?

Dragontree Illuminators receive over 100 hours of training in the Dragontree Life Coaching method, as well as feedback on supervised client cases and in-person training with The Dragontree’s founders, Briana and Dr. Peter Borten.

How should I prepare for my session?

At least 24 hours before your first session, complete the intake form as completely as possible. Ensure you are well-rested, hydrated, and comfortable for your session. You’ll want to find a quiet, private location for your call, so that you can feel comfortable talking openly about whatever is going on for you, and going through any exercises or meditations that might be recommended by your coach.

What happens after my session?

Depending on what came up for you during your session, you might be assigned “homework” — exercises, or next steps, designed to help you clear your blocks or achieve your goals. Generally we recommend a series of calls through one of our Well Life Program packages to help you create a sustainable shift.  In between, you may be asked to “check in” over email with your coach to give them an update on your progress.


What is your return policy on coaching?

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and if you’re not enjoying your work with your coach, we will happily find a better match for you. However, we do not offer any refunds for coaching sessions or packages.


Schedule a call with a Dragontree Illuminator

Do you want to make a plan to get a new job? Improve your relationships? Work through behavior patterns that keep you from achieving your goals?

Whatever is it, your Dragontree Illuminator is holding space for you, to guide you towards greater peace, more love, more light, and perfect alignment.