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Open To Change

A free workshop on connecting with abundance
Join Briana for a live workshop

April 25, 2018 // 3:30 pm Pacific

What are the two things that you worry most about not having enough of?

Let me guess…Money?… Time?

It’s such a human experience to have and you’re not alone.

We equate money with freedom, security, ease, and pleasure. And time is something we can’t renew, rewind, or replace. It’s the one thing that will be more precious than any valuable commodity when there isn’t much left.

How often do you wish you had more time or more money? Are you living in constant state of worry that there isn’t enough?

A replay will be available for those who cannot attend the live event.

I want to show you how you can transform that anxiety into a real sense of abundance, a feeling of ease and spaciousness.

You can choose a positive and easeful relationship with time and money. I will teach you practices that shift limiting beliefs, old patterns, and ancestral energetics that are keeping you stuck in a scarcity mindset.

You’re likely influenced by patterns that aren’t yours or even from your own lifetime, it’s come from generations and generations of people who have had thoughts and ideas that’ve been passed down from how their community felt about wealth and abundance.

Total freedom means working with your limiting beliefs, old dynamics, and ancestral energetics that hold us back so that you can thoughtfully replace them with how you want to feel in your relationship to time and money.

When you learn how to really tune into you, you’ll have so much more awareness of your energetic patterns and can start making your choices intentionally versus living in reaction and response to what is showing up. You can make a real shift that channels into your life creating more flow, ease, happiness and peace. This is the experience I’m here to help you create.

During this 90 minute Session we will COVER:

Energy Work

Do energy work to remove blockages and rebalance abundance patterning


Meditate together to guide you to through limiting beliefs, outdated patterns and ancestral energetics that hold us back

Please join us next Wednesday

Briana Borten

Briana Borten

Founder, The Dragontree and The Well Life Foundation

Briana has made it her mission to create a more peaceful world by helping individuals re-establish a sense of inner peace and balance. She is the CEO and co-founder of The Dragontree, a wellness organization with holistic spas in Portland and Boulder, online courses, natural body care products, and resources for vibrant living. Briana is a Certified Ayurvedic Specialist, peace engineer, writes frequently on personal development to help people achieve their dreams and live extraordinary, healthy lives.