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Design an Exceptional Future

This workshop has concluded

but a replay is avilable below

A replay will be available for those who cannot attend the live event.

Where would you be if in the next 3 years you devoted yourself to what mattered the most to you? If you made a plan to make space for what you know will nurture greater freedom, peace, security, meaning and fun in your life?

You have so much raw material available to you… your energy, your focus, your heart, your desire to create, your natural gifts and potential…these are your innate tools to build a magnificent life. However, like any building project, you need a plan if you want to build something that’ll be sustainable and look the way you imagine it. A plan allows you to do big things effectively without sacrificing the sweetness.

“My plan is a clear path to the life of my dreams.”

This is all learnable. There are skills and tools that are necessary to be a successful architect that you aren’t born innately knowing. We certainly would never have been able to build our businesses and create what we have while managing a family life if we didn’t learn how to design our lives thoughtfully and take the time regularly to plan. I can honestly say that my life continues to blossom and improve every year in large part to the work I put into crafting a plan and refining it as I go.

Now imagine if you and everyone you knew had the skills to navigate their lives with grace, to release limiting beliefs, and to have your life aligned with your deepest purpose. Imagine if your boldest dreams felt absolutely attainable because you had the means to make them happen.

Having a practice that helps you consistently connect to your vision will greatly enhance your willpower to stay the course and maintain your momentum.

I invite you to join me at my next Facebook Live on “Thriving” where I’ll help you dream your ideal life into reality and navigate the challenges that come up with grace and compassion. I’ll also be sharing a practice I use and love for magnetizing what I want to bring into my life.

This is your life. No one can do it for you, but we can do it together.

I hope you’ll join me on Thursday for this important work.

In this workshop We Will:


Imagine your life exactly as you want it, and dream it into reality.


Learn to navigate the details of your life with grace and compassion, without letting them hold you back.


Meditate to help magnetize your ideal future toward you.

Briana Borten

Briana Borten

Founder, The Dragontree and The Well Life Foundation

Briana has made it her mission to create a more peaceful world by helping individuals re-establish a sense of inner peace and balance. She is the CEO and co-founder of The Dragontree, a wellness organization with holistic spas in Portland and Boulder, online courses, natural body care products, and resources for vibrant living. Briana is a Certified Ayurvedic Specialist, peace engineer, writes frequently on personal development to help people achieve their dreams and live extraordinary, healthy lives.