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Creating an unconditional foundation for peace, happiness, and confidence 

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Learn to become more grounded in your essential self, to root down into your strength, your humanity, and know that you are worthy. Always.

Before you go, I want to tell you the deepest, realist truth one more time…

It is the truth that YOU DESERVE to be alive, loved, and celebrated. YOU, by virtue of your very presence as a human in this universe, deserve to take up space and be seen.

But you’re living from a perspective that’s shrouded in negative emotions and beliefs like…

“I’m not good enough, smart enough, talented enough…”
“I’m trapped in this situation, I have to do what I’m doing even if I don’t like it.”
“I’ll never forgive myself for…”

…your perspective contracts and limits what you can experience. It’s like a black hole that focuses your attention on how you’re limited. It holds your full potential captive, trapped in the illusion of separateness.

The truth is that those negative and limiting beliefs are just layers of mud obscuring the light that is who you really are. When we clear away those illusions, our essence flows out through our actions and into our life to work in powerful ways for our greatest potential.

Our lives expand, and we find freedom when we gain a bigger perspective. It moves us from separateness to connectedness.

This April, we’ll be sharing an 8-week experience to connect you to your soul’s wisdom, and expand beyond the narrow, limiting beliefs keeping you from being the fullest version of you. I call this Sacred Expansion 

Sacred Expansion will transform you.

With perspective, you’ll shift your energy and focus from fear and worry to love, compassion, and trust. You’ll start shining a light on what is standing in your way, and gain an expanded awareness to help you see and embrace your highest self. You’ll have greater clarity that you can apply to your life immediately.

As I guide you to observe your life from the perspective of the 4 seasons, you’ll start to feel these rhythms, and allow them to inform you in a way that creates more flow and harmony.

Sacred Expansion is an 8 week guided experience in clearing the way to your best you. More than a course, more than a series of exercises, Sacred Expansion is designed to help you:

Recognize and separate your intrinsic self from your fragile ego identities.

Notice, question, and understand the negative thoughts and feelings that bring us and others down.

Release anything and everything that isn’t serving your highest self.

Understand feelings of constriction, and turn them toward expansion

If you’ve done the Dreambook or Rituals for Transformation and are wondering “what now?”, Sacred Expansion is the next step.

Click here for more details.

I’m so in love with the results people are seeing from this course, and I hope to share it with you!

I know how hard taking that first step can be, and I want to do everything I can to help you experience clarity in your action so I’ve lowered the price of Sacred Expansion to $347 until 11 AM Pacific on March 4rd.

If you feel called to this work at all, I’d encourage you to join Sacred Expansion today, and then spend 8 weeks with us expanding and growing beyond the beliefs that are keeping you from being the fullest version of you.

With so much love,


Join us for Sacred Expansion

Save $50 on Sacred Expansion if you enroll before march 4th at 11 AM Pacific

Click here to learn more or enroll

Thank you Briana…The joy of being on the planet and living conscience lives connecting our energies and knowing we are each out there being a difference. Taking care of ourselves, deepening our connection to the self. feeling free, having fun and being creative.” – Ana

“Briana, I am so thankful for this opportunity arising at this critical moment in my life. I thank the universe for the alignment of my true compass that pointed me towards this experience AND truly appreciate everyone person here who made this possible through their participation. We did this work together and we are magic.” – Catherine

“Briana’s capacity to see, work with and lovingly shift your energy — i.e. the system underlying everything you are feeling and experiencing— is truly remarkable. Not to mention breathtakingly efficient. Time spent with her brings me distinct clarity in a way few things can.” – Ginny