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dragontree life coaching

coaching changes lives.

starting with yours.


If you’re inspired to help, empower, and guide others to live the life they want, the Dragontree Life Coaching Program is for you.

Not only is coaching one of the most emotionally rewarding careers, the flexibility, income potential, and market demand makes it a great choice for those looking for a career with more freedom and satisfaction.

When you graduate from our intensive program, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to be a successful professional life coach and advocate. You’ll learn how to create a thriving coaching practice which helps you live a life you love while helping others to do the same.


Coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who see people’s potential and yearn to nurture and facilitate growth and confidence in others. It’s a calling. Take the next step and realize your dreams while helping others realize theirs.


This is a high-quality program including more than 130 hours of in-depth training. Using videos, exercises, quizzes, and one-on-one interactions you’ll gain the skills to transform your life and the lives you’ll touch as a Dragontree Life Coach.


Coaching is booming. The world wants your talent and is willing to pay for it. Whether you coach full-time, add it to your practice, or work part-time, it’s a rewarding career you can perform anywhere and provides income so you can live your dreams.


This is a self-paced program. Graduate when YOU are ready-whether that’s with your starting cohort, this year or next, finish on your schedule. You have lifetime access to the courses, so you can go back and refresh and renew your skills.

The dragontree life coaching program offers the career flexibility you have always wanted


start a new Career in Six Months

Go from having no experience to seeing clients on your terms, on your schedule, in about six months. The Dragontree Life Coaching Program teaches you to set up and market your new business and start earning a flexible income stream you can take anywhere.

Existing Wellness Practitioners 

If you want to stabilize your business income or add an element of whole-life wellness to your practice, then the Dragontree Life Coaching is a perfect solution. You’ll learn to help patients achieve a life of happiness, meaning, and freedom while you earn a significant income.

Coaches Who Want To Expand Their Practice

Invigorate and renew your coaching skills. The Dragontree Life Coaching program offers you a new level of mindfulness, heart, and soul-led living into the coaching relationship. Topics such as Five Element guidance, holding space, and working with seasonal and moon rhythms go beyond what’s covered in typical coach trainings. Rise to your full potential as a coach, and gain tools and techniques to help clients uncover what’s impeding their empowerment and freedom.

become a specialist coach

While the Dragontree doesn’t offer coaching specialization classes yet, our life coaching training provides an unparalleled foundation so you can choose to offer a general practice, or specialize in a coaching business that aligns with your interests, education, and experience. The following are just a few coaching specialist areas:

Spiritual Coaching




End of Life

Gender & Sexuality


Health and Fitness

Work/Life Balance

how the dragontree life coaching program works

There are programs advertising how you can “be a life coach in a weekend seminar” or “read this one book and start life coaching tomorrow” promises. This is not that.

This is a professional-level program for people serious about making changes in their lives and dedicated to helping people fulfill their potential. Our program consists of more than 130 hours of intensive training making the Dragontree Life Coaching Program one of the most comprehensive programs offered.

dragontree life coaching is made up of three distinct tracks designed to uncover and ignite your potential.

Sacred Expansion 

Track 1: Prerequisite Foundation Course

Sacred Expansion is an 8 week course with 30 hours of training that takes you through your own process of profound self-inquiry. Develop a deeper sense of connection, peace, and possibility so you can guide your clients with authority and compassion.

We require this course for  all coaches because we know peace starts within ourselves and then expands outwards with every person we influence. This is such important work, we provide Sacred Expanison as a stand-alone course anyone can sign up for.

Life Coaching

Track 2: Essential Skills and Training Course

Life Coaching is 12 weeks with 30 hours of instruction, plus 50 hours of projects and assessments. With the support of like-minded students, live office hours, and online sessions you’ll get real practice in the course concepts. However, if you need to postpone your studies, no worries: You have lifetime access to all materials.

Coaching includes 2 sessions with an Illuminator coach– to experience coaching first-hand and work on your own blocks and challenges to create the life you desire.


Track 3: Masterclass and In Person Retreat (Optional)

Illuminator training dives into advanced coaching and facilitation skills with case supervision, evaluation and feedback for your first two clients after completion of the coaching program.

In addition, we’ll come together in for a transformative, life-changing retreat where you’ll go deep and strengthen your understanding of the processes and tools used in the coaching program. You’ll learn to develop and use a connection to universal energy for positive, powerful evolution, and growth.

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bonus resources and instruction

When you sign up for the Dragontree Life Coaching you’ll get free access to the following free tools:

Dreaming and Planning Course

Dreaming And Planning: Create Your Well Life is a 9-week course using our bestselling Dreambook + Planner book to learn to craft your life, set and achieve big goals, and have more loving and meaningful relationships with the people who matter the most. This course familiarizes you with our model for setting goals and making them real.

The Well Life Audio Book 

The secret to living an exceptional life – with fulfilling work and leisure, meaningful relationships, and time for oneself – is finding balance. Briana and Dr. Peter Borten have the strategies you need to achieve this all-important balance in your life – even in the face of chaos.

Dragontree Coaching Business School 

On completion of the Dragontree Life Coaching program, you’ll get access to the The Dragontree Coaching Business School. This course is worth the price of the coaching program alone. It is made up of 18 in depth modules that teach you how to start, setup, market, and run a sucessful and profitable coaching practice. You’ll learn:

+How to effectively market your business to bring in new clients.
+How to run a business that’s actually profitable.
+Business logistics that will save you time and money.
+The essentials of good branding.
+How to retain clients and turn them into raving fans.
+Nuts and bolts numbers you don’t want to overlook.

Why Become a certified Dragontree Life Coach?


Dragontree Coaching Seal for Marketing

Marketing on the Dragontree Website

Certification Allows You to Charge More

A Respected Credential for Your Practice

Reassurance of Your Professionalism for Clients

Confirmation of Your Expertise

Respect From Other Professionals

Lifetime Access to Training Materials

“…I would highly recommend participating in the Dragontree Coaching Program because you’re going to get so much out of it personally … and you’ll have so many amazing tools to use with those [clients] that you want to serve and help. “

Corey Stevens

“If you’re just starting your journey, congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice. You’re going to learn so much about not only working with other people, but about yourself.

I would encourage you to continue on to Illuminator training. It really will change your life. If you’re on the fence about signing up, do it! You will learn so much that will help you regardless of what path you take.”

Amanda Ryan

“I am a certified Dragontree Life Coach and Iluminator and if you are considering this program, I encourage you to jump in it will be a wonderful, best decision you could possibly make.

Being a Dragontree Life Coach and the whole experience —from the people, the materials that you’ll study, and just your own personal learning — it will be a phenomenal experience.

Julie Papke

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Are you ready to have a career that supports the kind of balance, freedom, and meaning you want in your life? Join us, and serve your community. We offer payment plans (available in your cart at checkout) with interest-free payments as low as $225 a month!

A limited number of scholarships are avilable for those in need of financial assistance. Click here to learn more.


A Dragontree Life Coach is a guide and advocate who lights the way for their clients to find their own wisdom, inner knowing, and life path. The skills, processes and perspectives a Dragontree Life Coach utilizes allow them to walk alongside their client to help them see and clear the obstacles blocking their way, recognize their gifts and soul’s purpose, and bring their potential into reality in their daily lives.  If you have questions about becoming a Dragontree Life Coach please email us using the form below, or see if your question has been answered in the FAQ.