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Certified Dragontree Life Coaches

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Mindy Dornblaser – Permaculture of the Soul

I work closely with my clients to understand their purpose in life. I can help reduce stress and relax into yourself and discover who you are under it all! My specialty is working with survivors of abuse, single parents, and poverty mentality due to past homelessness or financial struggles.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Kat Ryan

Every day I remind my clients that it is never too late to start over and discover the person that you were always meant to be. Let me join you on your journey of self-discovery and help your find your ultimate place of peace and balance.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Jan Naetzker – N Joy N

Jan has a diverse background and has enjoyed each step of her journey. From degrees in Outdoor/Ed Recreation, Psychology, Social Work, Certification and Accreditation with John and Josh Lyons, Equine Massage Therapy to Life Coaching. She has had several successful businesses including NN Ranch Riding Stable which won a National Business Competition, a private psychotherapy practice and N Joy N Trail Riding: training and lodging. If you are not N joying your life – she can help.

Certified Dragontree Illuminator Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Lanette Rajski – Saltwater + Sunshine

Hello! I’m Lanette … a Holistic Life Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in providing a BODY CENTERED APPROACH to Life Coaching. As an Illuminator, I help people use ANXIETY AND PAIN as a portal for growth and expansion. There are so many easy and creative tools I’ve discovered that relieve anxiety, and I would love to share them with you! If you are experiencing the devastating effects of ADDICTION OF A LOVED ONE, I am here to help. I have personally walked this path and survived it … I know you can too and I will help you..

Tina Whobrey – Rooted Intuition

Tina Whobrey (she/her) believes that we all have everything we need inside ourselves, that we are all whole, and that we are here to support one another. That is why, after 18 years in public education, she decided to shift into holistic healing so she may serve others more fully. Self-Empowerment comes in many forms, and stepping into it or staying in it requires many pillars. Tina offers services such as Self-Empowerment Life Coaching, Mindfulness Training, Meditation Guidance, and Social Justice Advocacy (which may take the form of workshops, coaching, assessing, or helping to develop action plans).

Certified Dragontree Illuminator Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Jen Mantle – Back to Nature Coaching

I am a wife, Mama to a nine-year-old boy and two puppies and a serious nature geek. I have always been at home in nature, finding it incredibly easy to get grounded and find my peace. We are all full of light, love and potential. Sometimes we just need a little help and grounding to find our way. I am here to walk beside you, teaching you to hear your own wisdom, listen to your higher self and get back to your true nature. To help you find a clear vision of your ideal life as well as face your..

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Saige Gaunder – Balance & Healing Life Coaching

Hello my name is Saige Gaunder and I am a certified life coach and have received my certification in September 2020. I specialize in basic life coaching, relationship and career coaching. I would love to begin coaching with you and begin bringing the best version of yourself into the world.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Deborah Phillips – Therapy By The Sea

Life’s journey can sometimes be frightening and confusing, but you don’t have to walk that path alone. I would be honored to help ground you in your experiences while you explore the twists and turns which can make life so difficult yet so exciting. I have a deep capacity to hold feelings in a safe and non-judgmental way, and together we will work to help you learn new ways to diminish and expel anger, anxiety, and depression.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Holly Talarchyk – Form the Heart Healing & Wellbeing

I am passionate about helping people restoring balance and harmony back into their lives, both emotionally and physically. It’s about releasing old, worn out beliefs and working through traumas so that one is able move forward, more freely on their life’s path. Connecting with the higher self in order to understand one’s purpose here and to fulfill that purpose.

Certified Dragontree Life Coach

Wendy Newton

It’s time to breathe yourself into the world in a new way. I offer heart balanced strategic planning for your life- your whole life. This is not ‘follow your bliss airy fairy stuff, but a way to use the blisters you’re already developing live your life with meaning and joy. I will share my extensive tool box of business, spiritual and coaching tools to shine a light on the path you find for yourself.

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