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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dragontree Life Coach?

A Dragontree Life Coach is a guide and advocate who lights the way for their clients to find their own wisdom, inner knowing and truth. The skills, processes and perspectives a Dragontree Life Coach utilizes enable the coach to walk alongside their client helping them see and clear the obstacles blocking their way, recognizing their gifts and soul’s purpose, and bringing their potential into action in their daily lives. This is a holistic approach to coaching that’s about inspiring real transformation and empowerment in all areas of life.

What will I learn?

  • The art of presence and rapport with your clients.
  • How to track client progress and goals.
  • Inspirational interviewing and reflective listening to elicit growth centered mindsets.
  • How to help clients establish a strong physical and psychological foundation.
  • How to guide others to get clear on their goals.
  • How to support clients to break down their goals into structures that will enable them to achieve their dreams.
  • The framework that will lead clients to the discovery of their true life purpose.
  • Two main approaches to holistic healing.
  • The 6 domains of life and how to use them to help your clients spot problems, resolve issues, and create balance.
  • Using forgiveness and expansion of consciousness as keys to healing & freedom.
  • Understanding the connection to Nature, and learning from natural cycles.
  • How Sweetness, Structure, and Space impact our lives.
  • The importance of Self Trust, Integrity, and Confidence and how to build them.
  • How to hold space so alignment can be created.
  • How to connect to Spirit and engage inspiration as a tool for transformation.

And… you’ll receive access to the Dragontree Business Training which will teach you:

  • How to effectively market your business to bring in new clients.
  • How to run a business that’s actually profitable.
  • Business logistics that’ll save you time and money.
  • The essentials of good branding.
  • How to retain clients and turn them into raving fans.
  • Nuts and bolts numbers you don’t want to overlook.

How is this training different than other Wellness/ Life Coach programs?

This program offers so much more than education, resources, tools, and practical skills. The biggest differences in this training are:

  • The emphasis on your own deep, transformational personal growth work to help you be a clearer guide.
  • Cultivating the sensitivity and awareness to tune into the essence of what your client’s heart and soul is really pointing towards to clear the real blocks and help them as they find their way to their own inner knowing and self trust.
  • Rather than offering advice you’ll learn to elicit change, epiphanies, growth and insight to arise from your client in a way that’ll be far more impactful and long lasting. You’ll also learn a wide range of tools and resources you can offer them when they need it.
  • This training is founded in ancient wisdom traditions and practices. You’ll learn principles that’ll help you course correct imbalances gracefully and give you perspectives that’ll stay with you your whole life long as you navigate the seasons of life for yourself and your clients.

Are there any prerequisites to do this program?

The program includes all the prerequisites you’ll need-  The Well Life (audio format), The Rituals for Living Dreambook, the Dreaming and Planning course, and Sacred Expansion, which guides you in your own personal growth work, clearing the way for your own freedom, and guiding others from an expanded perspective.

Who provides the training?

We’re Briana and Dr. Peter Borten, the creators of courses and tools that over 50,000 people have used to create the life of their dreams. We have thousands of hours of professional training in how to work with clients one-on-one and over 3 decades of joint clinical experience.

We know how to help you establish a thriving career because we’re successful practitioners, too. We’re on your team, and we can’t wait to help you grow and thrive.

Coaches-in-training can ask questions and get feedback from Briana and Peter during biweekly “Office Hours” Facebook lives during the course run. Questions are also always welcome year round in the private Facebook group we’ve created to facilitate this journey. Continuing coaches are always welcome to join in when new cohorts start each year. 

We’ve done this work ourselves, and now we’re here to support you as you gain mastery of materials and begin guiding your own clients guide to live a life they love.

How much does it cost?

The investment for the Dragontree Coaching Program is $2,597.  For this investment, you receive all of this:

Access to Sacred Expansion, the 8 week long personal development course
Access to The Dragontree Life Coaching course, including 12 weeks of video lessons, demonstrations, and other coursework.
The Dragontree Guided Meditation Collection
Dreaming and Planning Course
Rituals For Living Dreambook+Planner

Upon graduation you’ll also receive your completion bonuses, including:
Dragontree Business School – 18 modules of video lessons to help you launch, refine, and accelerate your coaching business.
A listing in The Dragontree Life Coaching Directory
Dragontree Life Coaching Business card templates
A Dragontree Life Coach Badge to display on your website

Do you offer a guarantee? What’s the cancellation policy?

Our happiness guarantee is offered on all our courses:  We care about your experience and your success, so if you participate fully and aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days, we’ll return your money in full.

The cancellation deadline for Sacred Expansion and Dragontree Coaching program is May 1st, 2024.

Illuminators may cancel by July 1 to receive a refund for the Illuminator portion of their program. 

No refunds will be given after these dates.

How long is the training? How much time will I need each week to do this program?

The program runs for 20 weeks beginning in April. This is a serious course, with over 130 hours of training, practical exercises and homework. To complete the program “on time”, you should expect to spend about 8 hours per week doing coursework.

If you don’t finish on time, that’s okay! You’ll have access to the course and the Facebook group for life. You can continue to work and graduate on your own timeline. 

How much does a Dragontree Life Coach earn?

This can vary depending on the region in which you live. Generally we recommend between $100-$200 for a 60 minute Dragontree Life Coaching session. You may choose to offer scholarships for people you’d like to serve who can’t afford your normal pricing.

Where can I do this work?

You can coach over the phone or computer from wherever you are. You can have an office where you see people in person if you prefer. You can lead group workshops online or in person. There are lots of options to create variety, flexibility, and freedom for you to design the life balance you want.

What’s the difference between a Dragontree Life Coach and an Illuminator?

In addition to the full Coaching course curriculum, Illuminators receive feedback on their first two clients directly from Dragontree Life Coaching staff. Illuminators also receive in-depth and transformative in-person work at the retreat in Boulder, and practical experience in leading workshops and groups. In addition to exercises in expansion & light seeking, Illuminators receive coaching from Briana and Peter Borten, and practice holding space for others within the circle receiving their coaching. You’ll also have the benefit of networking with other Dragontree Illuminators. Many of our Illuminators have created deep bonds at Illuminator training.

Once you’ve completed the Illuminator training you’re eligible to apply to work with the Dragontree. 

Illuminators also receive a few additional bonuses, including a bound Dreambook + Planner, and Dragontree Intention Papers.

How can I get started?

Just click here to go to our registration page.

Can I get a coaching session to see what it’s like?

Yes! You can book a session with an Illuminator here.

Do you offer financing or a payment plan?

Absolutely! When you get to your cart at checkout there will be options listed there.

Can I do Coaching without Sacred Expansion?

Nope. It is essential to do your own work first for your own integrity, confidence, and ability to be a clear guide for others. Sacred Expansion is foundational for the whole training. It’s so helpful, you don’t want to skip it!

Are hotel or other travel expenses included in the Illuminator program cost?

No. A catered lunch, water, tea, and coffee will be provided each day of the training, but costs of hotel, airfare, transportation, and other meals and incidentals will be born by the participant. We’ll connect you with fellow Illuminators in your own dedicated Facebook group, and you are welcome to work out shared arrangements there!

How long has this program been around?

We’re on sixth exciting year of teaching  incredible coaches!

Will this training program be offered again in the future?

Yes! We are planning to offer the full program again in 2024. We recommend subscribing to the Dragontree’s newsletter to be kept up to date on future offerings.

Will this program certify me as a life coach?

Yes, when you graduate this program, you’ll receive certification as a Dragontree Life Coach or Dragontree Illuminator.

Upon graduation, you’ll be offered a listing in The Dragontree’s directory of Dragontree Life Coaches and Illuminators. This is one of several ways that people seeking coaching, in this particular method will know that you have completed the training in full. Another is the Dragontree Life Coach/Illuminator badge for display on your business cards or webpage.

Is Dragontree Life Coaching an accredited program?

No – Dragontree Coaching is not accredited by any regulatory body. Accreditation is a complicated process that takes time and has many requirements unrelated to the type of work we hope to do. Among other issues, accreditation by ICF (International Coach Federation) requires that a large percentage of training be synchronous. Dragontree Life Coaching training is delivered primarily via pre-recorded videos, offering coaches-in-training a lot of flexibility in where and when they complete their training. But because of this, it is unlikely that Dragontree Life Coaching will seek accreditation in the near future.

If this is a concern, we recommend researching what accreditation means, and why a high-quality program may or may not seek or achieve accreditation.